Equipment and professional staff in the factory within Ikitelli conveyors, conveyor systems, wire belt conveyor, metal detector conveyor, belt conveyor blown wire, stainless steel jump platforms, filling machines, labeling machines, liquid filling machines, capping machines, stainless steel pipes, stainless the half-pipe, stainless steel perforated pipes, printing presses tubes, pipes, liquid or powder mixer product preparation mixers, boilers, insulated or jacketed mixer, product settling tanks, water tanks, serpentine, rehaktörler, jewelery sector, annealing furnaces, welding machines belt, indiksiyonlu melting pot spare parts for these machines, such as machinery manufacturing, and has been serving our customers with tehmini.

Our thoughts and understanding material selection flawless workmanship quality customer satisfaction with timely delivery and after-sales support to move to the next level with our clients to share valuable developments in the industry.

Following are some of the sectors we serve.

Chemical Industry, Dairy Industry, Food Industry, cosmetics, Industry, Paint Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Textile Industry, Marine Industry